Colibri Software

About Us

We are a team of dedicated software consultants
ready to simplify your path to success

What We Do

We build the software you need to get your project off the ground as quickly as possible with our rapid prototyping approach. Extracting simplicity from complexity is our passion. Learn about our process below.

Core Competencies

The Colibri Approach



In our initial sessions, we will explore your needs, translating complex issues into comprehensible concepts. Through discussions and user stories, we elicit requirements for your product and formulate best strategies with you. It’s like having your own CTO!



With a clear idea of your product, we will design the system architecture, user interfaces, and database structures. Together, we’ll develop a deployment strategy.



We’ll arrange a time for regular meetings to finetune the plans, to discuss problems, and to allow for customer change requests. At this stage in the development, we’ll also build a deployment infrastructure. Finally, we’ll review this process with you to improve our product development process even further. 



After launching the product, we’ll review security issues and check the metrics. This will allow us to plan for growth and scalability.

Our Values

Colibri Software was founded on the principle that quality software development can and should be a rewarding, enjoyable process for both developers and clients from first concept diagram to final deployed solution.

Let’s build something meaningful together.