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How we provided Azorus with their own actionable data

Executive Summary

Azorus provides universities across North America and Europe with a student recruitment software CRM system that lacked analytics capabilities. This was a problem for their customers who needed to build recruitment strategies and make predictions on those strategies based on the large amount of recruitment data acquired over the years. This case study describes how we helped Azorus provide customer journeys to track their customers’ customers and make better choices in university recruitment.

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CEO of Azorus

About Azorus

For over fifteen years Azorus has been single-minded about enabling their higher education clients in North America and Europe to recruit students likely to complete their degree by providing easy-to-use yet powerful web-based tools. Azorus services a wide variety of educational institutions from large public universities to small and mid-sized private universities, community colleges as well as one of the largest online universities in the world.​

The Azorus CRM capabilities span the entire prospective student journey: from the first point of contact through to application and enrollment, Azorus helps universities be effective in matching students to the correct programs.

The Challenge

Azorus saw the need to provide data analytics tools to their customers in order to better manage the recruitment goals of the universities using their software. Azorus had acquired a large volume of data over the fifteen years that universities have been using their software, but they did not have the analytic capabilities that their customers needed to make strategic decisions based on that data. An analytics suite which could extract and transform Azorus’s CRM data into rich information, ready for management to build marketing campaigns around, was critical.

Initial Objective

We started working with Azorus to organize their data to prepare it for an analysis pipeline that we were to build. We developed a SQL system that would extract and transform data from their CRM and load it into the analysis tools we were building. We worked with them to build a set of tools for universities to use to analyse and manage their recruitment campaigns.  

Solution Delivered

Azorus is now providing their customer base with a set of analysis tools that provide insights into their own data. Our tools play a part in Azorus’s Rapid Launch with easily configured analytics which provides a built-in reporting engine that allows customers to easily create and run reports on any data sets within their system.

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Continuing Work

We continue to help Azorus as they onboard new clients by managing the ETL process that maps CRM data to the analytics engine, and by helping customize any aspects of the analytics engine required. 

Future Work

Together with Azorus we are planning better predictive analytics tools with the ultimate goal of allowing universities to utilize the full potential of predictive analytics to drive strategic decisions concerning recruitment.

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